Blackshore on film

It's always good to see stories come to life on video. When we first set out with the Blackshore idea we made a movie of our own: the origins movie, if you will. 

Then in Summer of 2019 we moved into our old fishing net factory in Lowestoft and our story started to move from an idea to a reality. This time the local newspaper, the Lowestoft Journal (and its regional big brother the Eastern Daily Press) came to visit, and they made a movie of their own. 

It's good to see them both back to back. At the end of our original movie I put out an appeal for investment. Well, the appeal was answered, we found some investment, and as the second film shows, we're up and running! 

Since then of course, we have moved to our wonderful little workshop and store at 37 High Street, Southwold.

There are more films to be made. Watch this space...