Born on the Blackshore



We're proud to be able to say that Blackshore is part of the revival of garment manufacturing in Britain. Even more than that we're proud to be part of the revival of small-scale craft making.

Blackshore is bringing craft garment-making to the beautiful Suffolk town of Southwold: with the opening of the country's most easterly atelier, situated just half a mile from the town's harbour where the brand was born and which gave our business its name.


Blackshore knitwear is made to the same quality and care standards as our sewn garments. The only difference is that for our knitwear we partner with two long-established family knitwear factories: one right in the heart of England, and the other in the Channel Islands. 


The tide of fashion is turning. People are dismayed by the wastage and the unacceptable labour practices involved in fast-fashion, and are hungry for long-lasting, craft-made clothing.

Britain is never likely to make mass-produced fast-fashion again. But there is a renaissance in premium quality, slow-make clothing in many corners of the country. And that's the movement that Blackshore is proud to be a part of.

Making small, making slow, making with care, all have great advantages. You get a premium quality product, which is always going to be rarer and more distinctive than high street brands. You know that your garment has been produced ethically, by a small team of craftspeople. And you'll also know that your garment is backed by a lifetime visible repair guarantee.

By making here in Southwold we are also supporting the revival of a UK industry which just a few years ago was struggling to survive. In doing this we strive to find quality British made fabrics and fastenings for use throughout our collection. The vast majority of our fabrics are sourced from British cloth mills, and some of our fabrics are even made from British-spun yarn.

On the rare occasions when no British factory can be found to make a particular fabric to our exacting specification, we guarantee that we will only ever work with ethically managed producers from other countries. When this is the case you’ll find it clearly marked on the individual product page.

We are very proud to be part of a growing Made in Britain movement, and very proud to be making here in Southwold. We hope that our collection inspires you to support British-made, sustainable fashion.