coastal clothing from the eastern edge of england

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Southwold Premium Worker Jacket - blackshore

Southwold Premium Worker Jacket


Shoreline Breton Jumper - blackshore

Shoreline Breton Jumper


Fleet Roll-neck Jumper - blackshore

Fleet Roll-neck Jumper


Longshoreman's Craft Overshirt - blackshore

Longshoreman's Craft Overshirt


Deepwater Crew-neck Gansey - blackshore

Deepwater Crew-neck Gansey


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Blackshore Reefer Jacket - blackshore

Blackshore Reefer Jacket


Ebbtide Plaid Overshirt - blackshore

Ebbtide Plaid Overshirt


Walberswick Trousers - blackshore

Walberswick Trousers


Seaspray Hooded Jacket - blackshore

Seaspray Hooded Jacket



Seeking investors of courage and conviction

Blackshore, British Coastal Clothing is seeking additional investors of courage and conviction (investors who are in...

Not so much a blank canvas: more a palimpsest

Some companies move into brand spanking new units. Others have their premises built for them. Still others rent or ...

Braiding trawler nets in Lowestoft, before the great flood.

We found this old photo, dated August 1951, in a Suffolk bric a brac sale. It shows women braiding trawler nets in a...
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