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What we believe

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What we believe, what we're trying to achieve, and why.

  1. We are dedicated to making in Britain: supporting British manufacturing resurgence and minimising 'production miles'. Even more specifically, we are passionate about making in our own locality (and therefore supporting local jobs and local economy), which is why we are creating our own workshop in an old fishing net factory at the site of  Lowestoft's former beach fishing village.

  2. We are a true independent, founded and funded by enthusiasts who are passionate about the British coast and who are ourselves representative of our target market.

  3. We are focused on making clothes of timeless style and durability, not throwaway transient fashion. Which is why we offer a lifetime visible repair guarantee. 

  4. We want to be a contributive business i.e. an enterprise which not only makes the absolute minimum negative environmental impact, but which goes beyond this to make a positive and enhancing impact on our local and wider community, our own people, the environment, and society. We are at the very beginning of our journey as a business, but all the decisions we make will be taken according to this desire to be an influence for good.

  5. We prefer small scale production and design detailing to ensure desirable rarity, compared to ubiquitous mass produced high street brands. So, even for our knitwear which is made in an established factories in the heart of England and in the Channel Isles, we have carefully chosen small family-owned businesses to partner with.

  6. We champion a distinctive and specific aesthetic, authentically inspired by the coasts of British Isles and the people who work and live on them. We are influenced by traditional and functional British workwear. We are, however, not self-consciously retro or vintage.

  7. We prefer traditional materials but we will use modern technical fabrics when appropriate: and we are always seeking ethically produced and environmentally friendly fabrics  Whenever possible we will use British fabrics and components – supporting resurgent British factories

  8. We intend to sell direct to our end customers and through carefully selected  independent retailers, to offer remarkable value for a British made high quality product.

  9. Our collections are trans-seasonal and each will continue to build to a wide repertoire of classics to which customers can become loyal over years.

  10. We will take an ethical and sustainable approach to sourcing and to all other aspects of business: including our commitment to use the absolute minimum of any kind of  plastic in our production, and zero plastic in our packaging, (our badges are bio-degradable felt and silicon for example, and our buttons are corozo), as well as our desire to support clean-seas and other related charities and campaigns. We currently have 25% nylon content in our Alpaca socks (and nowhere else), and we will be replacing that material with a more sustainable alternative at the earliest opportunity. We will pay fair wages to our teams, and we will always follow best practice in our relationships with our own people and our suppliers.

  11. We aim to build a community of our customers to whom we can offer lasting interest, products of real quality, and an ongoing story which inspires: to become a true 'passion brand'.

  12. We plan to support British coastal charities, in particular the independent lifeboat services and coastal environmental organisations, who are dedicated to saving lives at sea and preserving the sea itself.

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