What we believe

Blackshore drawings

What we believe, what we're trying to achieve, and why.

  1. We are dedicated to making in Britain: minimising 'production miles’ and creating good quality local jobs.
  2. We are a true independent, founded and funded by enthusiasts.
  3. We are focused on making clothes of timeless style and durability, not throwaway transient fashion.
  4. We believe so strongly in the quality of our garments that we offer a lifetime visible repair guarantee on everything we make.
  5. We want to be a contributive business: which not only makes the minimum environmental impact, but which also makes a positive contribution to our community.
  6. We support small scale production: for the things that we can’t make ourselves, we work with small family-owned UK factories.
  7. We are inspired by the wonderful coastline of the British Isles and the people who live and work along it.
  8. We believe in British fabrics and components, and we use UK-sourced materials whenever possible.
  9. We don’t have seasons and we don’t follow trends. Each new design will continue to add to a wide repertoire of classic styles.
  10. We take an ethical and sustainable approach to all aspects of business: including using the absolute minimum of any kind of plastic in our production, and zero plastic in our packaging.