Our Story


Blackshore is the definitive hand-made casual clothing collection for discerning folk who love the coastline of the British Isles. Always and only made in Britain, our range includes jackets, shirts and trousers handmade in our own workshop in Southwold, Suffolk, as well as knitwear and other garments from small manufacturers around the British Isles.

Blackshore was born in 2017 down on the harbour of the coastal Suffolk town of Southwold. Part of Southwold's harbour is The Blackshore, where coals were  unloaded for centuries, staining the muddy banks black.

Taking inspiration from the fishermen, boat builders and all kinds of folk along the coasts of Britain, and from our own adventures along the coastline of Suffolk and Norfolk, we’ve tried to create a definitive British coastal clothing brand for those who seek premium, handmade, sustainable clothing of timeless style.

Defined by a traditional workwear aesthetic, the rich history and unique character of the UK’s coastline are reflected in every element of the Blackshore collection, and we’re proud to say that each piece sits comfortably on discerning people of any age.

We believe our clothing is timeless, not transient, and to illustrate this we offer a lifetime visible repair guarantee, so that you can be confident your favourite pieces will last season after season.

Our social consciousness extends across all aspects of the business: guiding everything from our commitment to supporting the regeneration of British apparel making itself, to our use of fully recyclable, FSC approved packaging that is also made in Britain.

Much like the places that inspire them, your Blackshore kit will stand the test of time. 


Andy, Richard & Frank