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Lighthouse and Boardwalk

The Lighthouse Jersey Jacket and the Boardwalk Drywax Raincoat are both designed in-house and handmade one garment at a time in the company’s tiny sewing room behind its shop on Southwold High Street, just half a mile from the town’s fishing harbour, after which the business is named. 

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The surprising story of textiles in Southwold

Whilst Blackshore Coastal Clothing is currently the only clothing workshop in Southwold, it is very far from being the first. The town has a long and rich history of textiles. A century ago Southwold was buzzing with the making of clothing and other fabric items.

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Make well, stock well, commission well

We describe this hybrid business model as: make well, stock well, commission well. What it means for you is that you get the very best of British craft apparel making: whether you're choosing a handmade-in-Southwold piece, a branded product from a British manufacturer that we've carefully selected, or a Blackshore piece that we've designed and commissioned to be made elsewhere (but always in the British Isles).  All you have to do is wear it well!

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