We're recruiting! Could you be our new Southwold Shop Manager?

We're recruiting! Could you be our new Southwold Shop Manager?


Shop Manager, Blackshore Coastal Clothing

37 High Street, Southwold, IP18 6AB

Yes we're looking for a full-time shop manager for our Southwold store. It's a tough brief...

Job Description

The Shop Manager is a vital role within the Blackshore Coastal Clothing business, representing the company, the brand and the products to our customers and other visitors, as well as to the Southwold community.

This is both a practical role and a relationship-oriented one. The right attitude wil be all important.

Salary: competitive, according to experience and skills.

The role includes the following key responsibilities:

Customer care

All aspects of looking after customers and potential customers who visit the store. From warm and friendly greetings for everybody, to a clear and engaging re-telling of the Blackshore brand and product story, through to product information, and the sales process itself.

Part of the role involves showing visitors the sewing rooms, introducing them to our garment maker(s) and explaining both our ethos and our process.

Many customers require made-to-measure and/or bespoke services, so a key part of the role is capturing all a customer’s details, working alongside the garment maker who will take measurements.

And many customers want to know in-depth information about the individual products, materials, and production processes (including sustainability aspects): the Shop Manager will need to talk confidently and fluently on all these aspects.

Full training on the brand and the products will be given.


The Shop Manager will handle sales using the POS system which links to our web platform, as well as online sales and some telephone orders.

Part of the sales process will be to encourage customers to sign up to our e-newsletter.

The role also involves competent handling of returns/refunds, product complaints (extremely rare), and other visitor enquiries.

Stock and merchandising

The Shop Manager will have sole day-to-day responsibility for shop displays and lighting (including window displays), ensuring that the whole shop is clean, tidy, attractive and on-brand.

Stock pricing, labelling for size, checking new stock arrivals, and the monthly stock-take are also within the role.

Shipping online orders

The Shop Manager will be responsible for correct processing and shipping out of online orders on a daily basis, including packing and taking to post office.

Record keeping

The role includes the need for diligent record keeping, with regards to stock, transactions, customer records and other aspects.

Opening/Closing and Security

The Shop Manager will be the key person responsible for opening and closing the shop to the public, including the placing of internal and external signage, as well security of the premises.

Managing part-time staff

In busier seasons the shop will require a sales assistant to cover some shifts (most likely Sunday and Monday). The Shop Manager will be responsible for managing and training part time sales staff when recruited. 

Working hours

The shop is currently open Tuesdays to Saturdays and the Shop Manager will be required to work those days on a regular basis, from 9.30 to 5.30 (with a half hour lunch break).

The company plans to opem the shop seven days a week from early summer, and the shop manager will also be required to work some Sundays, on rotation with a part-time assistant.


The Shop Manager will be expected to wear a selection of Blackshore clothing while on duty.


The Shop Manager will work alongside and in close cooperation with our Senior Garment Maker, and will meet weekly with the company Managing Director whe nhe visits the shop.


Person Specification

Required skills, experience, aptitude

  • Previous clothing retail experience, including till experience.
  • Well rounded computer skills (including use of spreadsheets).
  • Excellent spoken and written English.
  • A very high standard of numeracy.
  • Outstanding, proven, customer care skills.
  • Commitment to delighting customers and building the reputation of Blackshore’s brand and product.
  • High standard of school education up to A levels.


Preferred skills, experience, aptitude

  • Previous clothing retail management experience, including managing staff.
  • Knowledge of apparel production, particularly British-made.
  • Knowledge, and proven interest in heritage clothing brands and handmade products.
  • Fashion or related degree level education an advantage.


To apply for this unique role please email Simon Middleton, simon@blackshore.cc with a detailed CV and a persuasive covering letter! Or write to Simon at Blackshore, 37 High Street, Southwold IP18 6AB.

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