English spun, woven & made, hand-printed White T-shirt - blackshore
English spun, woven & made, hand-printed White T-shirt - blackshore
English spun, woven & made, hand-printed White T-shirt - blackshore
English spun, woven & made, hand-printed White T-shirt - blackshore

Blackshore hand-printed White T-shirt, English spun, woven & made

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A unique, luxury-grade, Supima cotton T-shirt: made in England from yarn spun and woven in Lancashire.

Sewn in the heart of England.

Hand printed in Suffolk. Finished in Southwold.

Every single one of these gorgeous shirts is unique because of the hand printing and smudging process.

Supima is a different breed of cotton from that found in most T-shirts: twice as strong as regular cotton, which makes for extraordinarily resilient products.

The longer fiber resists pulling, breaking and tearing resulting in a shirt that is incredibly durable and which will keep its shape for longer than inferior shirts.

The most common type of cotton grown around the world typically has a fibre length of about 1 inch; whereas Supima cotton’s fibres average around 1.4

Longer fibres contribute to the strength and softness of our shirts, ensuring they are more comfortable, retain colour longer and resist pilling. 

What's more, the cotton we use is actually spun and woven in the UK, by English Fine Cottons in Lancashire, the UK's only mill which spins its own yarns.

Our medium weight (180gsm) shirts are then manufactured in Leicestershire in the heart of England, then screen-printed and hand-finished in Suffolk: before being finally trimmed and finished in our own sewing room in Southwold. Because of the hand printing and 'smudging' each T-shirt is unique.

The SHAPED By The Sea slogan is printed using water-based ink, which is then carefully water-smudged by hand before fixing for permanence.

White, with black print.

Also features our felt and silicone Blackshore badge on left sleeve.

Delivery approx 4 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: photograph is indicative only. Because the water-smudge effect is applied by hand, each shirt will be slightly different.


Please note our T-shirt is intentionally a relaxed fit. If you prefer a slimmer fit please consider going a size smaller than you would normally choose.

We've worked hard to make our sizing system as straightforward and accurate as possible, using 'flat width' sizing. It's easy to do...

We recommend that you take a favourite T-shirt that you know fits you the way you like, button it up and lay it flat on a table.

With a tape measure, carefully measure the width from side to side from armpit to armpit (where the sleeve joins the armhole). This is the Flat Width (see chart below), and it is the most important measurement.

If your favourite shirt has a flat width of say 53cm, then choose a Medium. If it's 56cm then choose a large.

Bear in mind that our cotton shirts can shrink a little in first washing (we recommend cold hand wash... and never more than 30 degrees).

All measurements are a guide only. These are handmade products and may have minor size variation. If you find you've ordered the wrong size, don't worry: return it to us unworn within 30 days and we will send an alternative size.

Blackshore Supima T-shirt Size Guide

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