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Blackshore Handmade

Studio Cross-Over Apron

Studio Cross-Over Apron

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The perfect all-rounder apron, for kitchen, workshop, studio and more.

Choose from classic, heavy, navy twill, or water resistant (but washable) dry-wax cotton.

  • Choose Long 89cm  (if you're over 5'5" tall) or Short 77cm (if you're 5' 4" or under). Sizes are approximate.
  • Unisex
  • Two large/deep pockets plus a smaller pocket for phone etc..

We've chosen two different fabric options for our Japanese-influenced cross-over apron.

The heavy cotton twill option is a classic workwear fabric which will be incredibly durable and will age so beautifully.

The water-resistant 'oilskin' option is ideal if you're working around water (we made the first ones for a local flower farm and shop. This fabric (dyed and wax finished in Dundee) is made to shrug off water.

We've constructed our aprons in the exceptionally practical and comfortable cross-over style (sometimes called Japanese or pinafore style).

Perfect for any task where you need a durable, comfortable and very protective apron.

Wraps around body to keep your clothes clean and dry. Adapts to every size without need for adjustment.

No bows to tie or adjust.

  • Handmade in our own workshop
  • One-size fits all 
  • Shoulder straps in durable cotton webbing
  • Washable at 30 degrees (hand wash cycle)
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