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Corrymoor Sportsman

Corrymore Mohair Socks

Corrymore Mohair Socks

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A short calf length sock, plain-knit, lightweight sock.  It has a hand-linked toe seam for comfort and a lightly elasticated top. The socks are machine washable, durable and comfortable.

These are ideal for wearing in shoes or lightweight boots. It can be a formal business sock as well as a practical everyday sock and suitable for a range of sporting and leisure activities.  

Hard wearing and will last for ages. Resilient and will keep their shape after many days of wear. Odour resistant (smooth mohair fibres have nowhere for smelly foot bacteria to lurk). Can be machine washed at 40⁰c (see washing instructions). For women and men. 

Choose from:

  • Denim
  • Navy
  • Hunter Green
  • Moss Green
  • Red

Fibre Content: 55% Mohair, 45% JAS Nylon

Why add nylon? Mohair itself has relatively little elasticity and so we add nylon to give extra stretch. The nylon does not detract from the beneficial effects of the mohair.

100% British - grown, spun, dyed and knitted.

Amazing mohair

Angora goats originally came from Turkey where the mohair fibre was the prized reserve of the sultans.

Nowadays, the world’s biggest producers are South Africa and Texas with smaller amounts being produced in Australia, Lesotho, Argentina and Turkey. There are only about 2000 angora goats in UK producing about 7 tons of mohair per year. (World production is about 5,000 tonnes.) Mohair is known as the “Diamond Fibre” for its lustre, strength and durability.

Unlike sheep’s wool, mohair fibres are smooth and don’t trap bacteria which cause smells.

Any moisture is quickly wicked away. This is true... we aren't just saying it. It really does mean that you can wear them for a considerably long time without washing them!

And, as if all that weren't enough: mohair fibres are 3 times more resistant to rubbing than wool fibres. So your socks will last longer!

Corrymoor: British grown and made!

The Angora goats – an award winning flock in Devon – are shorn twice a year and the mohair fleeces are carefully graded to ensure that only the best quality is used for Mohair Socks. Mohair from the flock is  supplemented with mohair from other British breeders and fine mohair from South Africa.

The mohair is specially selected for its quality and softness, as well as for its strength.The mohair is commercially washed and combed into “tops”, worsted spun (for smoothness and added strength) into yarn. The socks themselves are then expertly knitted on traditional machinery in Leicestershire and dyed “in the sock” to produce the distinctive colour range.

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