PRE order special garments

We make most of our sewn garments to order, one at a time. But with certain of these garments (whilst we still handmade them here in our own factory) there are economic reasons why it only makes sense when we've received a minimum number of orders.

With the Ebbtide overshirt for example it's a question of ordering fabric. The deliciously soft and subtly coloured stripe fabric that we use for the Ebbtide is woven to order in one of Portugal's best mills. And they can't weave less than 240 metres. That's a lot of fabric to invest in: so we are looking to get 25 orders for these beautiful shirts before we press the button on weaving!

Thank you for your support through pre-ordering. It's a kind of crowdfunding: but you can be completely assured that your money is safe. If for whatever reason we don't reach the target on an individual item then we will refund all of your payment automatically.

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